We’ve all been there: play with your smartphone because it’s there, or reach it when you hear a text message notification. Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger created the Substitute Phone to help smartphone addicts cope with his absence.

Schillinger tells Dezeen that more and more, phones are becoming an addictive object in our lives. Users are constantly playing with them, even if they are not looking for a message or waiting for a call, and it was inspired to design “a tool that would help stop this” control “of behavior.

Schillinger has designed five fax telephones, made of black polyoxymethylene plastic with embedded stone beads in the surface, allowing a user to reproduce familiar actions, such as scrolling, pinching or sweeping. The goal is that it can be used as a coping mechanism for someone trying to check their phone less.

The replacement phones do not appear to be for sale (his website says his shop “is coming soon”), but they were featured as part of an exhibition for Vienna Design Week entitled #Offline – Design for the (Good Old) Real World, which took place earlier this fall.

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